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Downstate Story

Downstate Story: The Details:

  • Always remember...
    • The comments and situations of the characters depicted in Downstate Story represent only themselves, and they are not meant to reflect or characterize other people or groups of people. The characters are fictitious and any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.
    • Downstate Story, ISSN 1066-1662, is published by Downstate Story, Inc., an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, 1825 Maple Ridge, Peoria, Il. 61614-7915. Email [email protected] .
    • Downstate Story is copyrighted by Downstate Story, Inc. Permission to reprint must be obtained from respective contributors.

  • Downstate Story, Just the Facts...
    • Probable collector's item, especially for the art.
    • Politically correct. Contributors paid for their work. Printed by union printer. No government funds used (except as awards for merit).
    • Something for everyone. Stories reflect diversity of authors, and include romance, horror, fantasy, mainstream fiction.
    • Promotes reading. Content realistic but not X-rated.
    • Promotes Illinois and Midwestern writers and artists. Copies go to libraries, short story contests. Contributors free to re-sell their work.
    • New concept for the arts. Provides outlet for regional writers and artists to reach audiences in their own communities.
    • Original work. None ever published before.
    • Quality work. Stories comparable to those found in Harpers, Atlantic, The New Yorker.
    • Reader participation. Readers can submit comments and stories for the next issue.
    • No poetry.

  • About Downstate Story...
    • Downstate Story Inc. is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation founded in 1992 to publish Downstate Story, an independent, annual, literary magazine.
    • Each issue contains 10 original short stories with original illustrations. Some issues also contain photographs from readings and other events.
    • The magazine carries no advertising, except for some joint ads with other small magazines, and relies on sales to survive. It is sold on consignment through book stores and gift shops, and by mail. To order it, see other information at this site.
    • In March, 1993, Downstate Story received a $1,000 grant from The Puffin Foundation of Teaneck, New Jersey. The money paid for advertising, mainly in publications of other arts groups such as theater programs.
    • In 2002 a story published by Downstate Story in Vol. 10, "Fallout" by Deborah Correnti, received a $1,000 Literary Award from the Illinois Arts Council. Downstate Story also received $1,000 for publishing the story.
    • All Downstate Story contributors are paid for their work. A volunteer board of directors oversees the magazine.
    • Publisher Elaine Hopkins is a journalist with an interest in fiction, who also has taught college-level literature courses. Former editor-in-chief for some issues Jan Burkholder taught journalism and desktop publishing in college and has worked as a magazine editor. Readers for each issue are literature fans and some are writers and artists.
    • Downstate Story has held readings in Peoria, Normal, Macomb and Chicago. Several writers have been interviewed on radio and TV, and a Public Access TV program on Downstate Story was broadcast in Chicago.
    • These events have raised the visibility of short fiction as an art form, encouraged the writing of short fiction, and have promoted the talents and careers of the writers and illustrators.
    • Comments from Bonnie Matheis, Coordinator for the Illinois Center for the Book at the Illinois State Library in Springfield. "Downstate Story('s publication of) Susan Srikant's winning story "My Arrival in Horseshoe, Nebraska," (in Vol. 16, 2007), could be such a turning point for Susan. Just thinking of the potential opportunities she might receive as a result of (the) decision reminded me that this was what the Illinois Emerging Writers Competition was all about.

      "Kevin Stein, the Illinois Poet Laureate and final judge of the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award portion of the Illinois Emerging Writers Competition, at the last two emerging writers award ceremonies, related to the winners what it was like to be an aspiring poet. He well remembers the writing, the entering of competitions and the waiting for some hint of validation. Thanks to Downstate Story, Susan Srikant has just received a very significant validation of her work as an aspiring writer and we thank you for that.

      "Downstate Story's willingness to participate in the James Jones Short Story Award of the Illinois Emerging Writers Competition from the very beginning is truly appreciated. While we are especially thrilled that Susan Srikant's winning story has been selected for publication, please know that the opportunity you are giving Susan and all of the winners of the competition just by reviewing their stories is something most of them could only dream of. Downstate Story's commitment to the up and coming writers in Illinois does make a difference in the lives of those that are still struggling to be recognized for their talent.

      "Thank you for your support of the competition (and) your support to the writing community."

Entire site copyright ©1992-2022) by Downstate Story, Inc.
Original site by Eldon Brown.
1998 Update by Ted Eselgroth,
[email protected]


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