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February 14, 2010


Yes, Aaron did little to help himself or the extreme right wing of his party (in spite of his best efforts to do just that). Rachel just got the better of him.

Me thinks Aaron should be banned from the adult table and be permanently placed at the kids table. His "performance" was embarrassing to the district, and the Repub party to say the very least.

Where did he think he was? On Fox News getting his teeny, tiny ego stroked by his party overlords or circle-jerked by his republican friends?

You can't go on mtp and spew Republican flavored kool-aid all over the place while simultaneously reciting gop talking points to the letter with someone as well versed and prepared as Rachel Maddow. You will simply get the beyotch-slapping coming to you.

And he needs to stop being a whiny little cry-baby about it...that just brings more attention to it and makes him look even more the embarrassment he is.

Aaron's not ready for prime time, he needs to go back to preschool.

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