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February 25, 2010


You are a piece of work, Elaine. I doubt you've ever held a position of responsibility wherein you need to make decisions about business operations. Journalism doesn't count because you always had an editor looking over your shoulder. They made a decision based on safety. You accuse them of corruption. You should be ashamed.

One other thing: In your post you said "on their property." How much do control do you think the City should have over what grows and doesn't grow on private property?

Ok, lets cut down all the trees in the city and see how that will
look. Power bills will go up, birds and other wildlife will be even
more imperiled, oxygen less abundant.
Just because a tree is on private property doesnt mean it lacks
implications for the entire city. Other cities protect trees because
they benefit everyone.
As for my being a responsible person, thats an interesting ad hominem
(personal) attack, and has nothing to do with the arguments and issues.

I could say you must be a selfish SOB but I wont.
As for me Ive worked from age 16, have an MA plus from a major
university, have been a college teacher, a kindergarten teacher, a
journalist, publisher of a literary magazine, and am a wife, mother of
two successful adults and grandmother of four, all of whom are good
students, never in trouble. What about you?

follow the kick back angle you just might be on to something

I find it rich that you accuse me of an ad hominem attack when you were the one accusing the Water Company of corruption. Hypocrite much?

You could not build a law that would prevent someone from cutting down a tree if they could prove that the tree endangered their property.

My point about your former positions was that I doubt you ever had a job where other people's jobs were on the line (none of the ones you mentioned, short of the publisher one, possibly). People like you, then, feel free to accuse others of evil when it may just have been good business sense. To them, the trees posed a danger to their business. The guy made a pretty compelling case in his unnecessary response to you. You are also likely the type of person who would complain if your water got shut off because some tree fell over.

Oh please. The tree endanger property? Then lets cut them all down,
May someone open a pig farm next to your property, and well see how
long your libertarian views last!
Trees are as important to our community as fresh air. In fact they
contribute to it.
They benefit everyone, and this benefit overrides the its my property
Ill do what I want to argument.

Hi, Elaine.

I love trees, and hope to plant a few more in my yard this year. It's sad to see them come down when they're still alive.

I think you'd gain a lot more sympathy by not attacking Mr. Tennis. Even suggesting that someone engaged in illegal or immoral activity in a public forum is a serious thing. Do you have some evidence? If not, I think you should post an apology.

All the best,

Chris Carrico
Metamora, IL

"I'll do what I want to argument." Not sure I understand that, but I take it to mean that ad hominem attacks are OK if coming from you, but not OK if directed at you. At least I know the rules.

You mistake me for a libertarian. Far from it, though not as left as you. My point is this -- trees are great and should be protected. But if one gets so big and so brittle as to pose a threat to my house by falling down, I'm chopping it down. And you will NEVER be able to craft a law that prevents me from doing so, at least not in America. Show me an ordinance from a different community that does so, and I'll find that section. Better yet, why don't you ask your city councilmember to introduce your idea of legislation?

Any time something weird happens that makes no sense, I look for other
explanations. I didnt say it happened, just that its one
explanation. There are others, of course, including stupid.
Cutting these trees makes no sense. The water co could have buried the
electric lines on its property, built a shed over the generator or
taken other action to protect the site from any falling limbs or
flowers from the trees. (Screen wire for example.) Why didnt it do
that? Who profited from this job? This is Illinois, isnt it!

Something else to consider about the locusts; those are non-native invasive trees. The degredation of the natural quality of the forested bluffs along the Illinois River has been enhanced due to these trees. Removing locusts whenever possible is beneficial to wildlife and surrounding plant life. You must remember that not all trees are equal. And while they do have pretty flowers in the spring, that just means they are going to produce seeds which will spread more havoc on our landscape. The open area created by removing these trees also provides significant wildlife benefits, likely more than the locusts, so nothing is lost from that standpoint.

Ah, the non-native excuse to cut trees.
Anything to cut them down, right? Makes you feel like a tough guy
controlling nature? Or some type of ecological farmer?
More enlightened cities protect all trees, not just so-called native
trees (native to what period in the history of the planet?).
In Charleston SC, no tree can be arbitrarily cut down without
undergoing all kinds of scrutiny from local officials. Theres no
native test. That city knows the value of the tree canopy.
I have 2 locust trees in my back yard. Woodpeckers and other birds love
them, and apparently find insects to eat there.

Please, do not confuse Elaine with facts. She is an arborist.

An arborist? Guilty, I guess. No facts? Not guilty. The facts are on
my side.

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