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March 03, 2010


Except not all trees in Charleston are protected, Elaine. Under "exemptions" in their proposed ordinance:

"Invasive Tree Species. If an invasive species is 16 inches or greater DBH, then the tree will be permitted with a condition that one – 2 ½” caliper recommended replacement tree be planted on the lot in which the tree was removed."

Also, utility companies are exempt!! Link: http://www.charlestoncity.info/shared/docs/0/tor%20draft%203%2023%2009.pdf.

Does Charleston do a better job than Peoria? Definitely. But it isn't the sanctuary you pretend it is.

Hummm -- guess you spent more time than I did looking up the
I am on vacation and just left Charleston where a licensed tour guide
yesterday told our group that trees are not cut down. I also checked
and found an ordinance in effect. Not sure what you mean about
proposed ordinance. No time to research it tonight.
Do you defend the right of utility cos to cut down anything they want?
What does that prove other than greed rules all? What about my ideas,
to bury their lines?
I saw nothing about invasive species in the Charleston ordinance I
saw on line. There are plenty of what are apparently non native trees
in Charleston. Maybe theyre not considered invasive but beautiful.
Locusts are not invasive either, and are beautiful for about 10 days
each spring. Not any more. I dread returning to Peoria and seeing those
trees gone.
Maybe Ill move to Charleston, or another place where trees and
historic buildings are valued instead of destroyed.

All I did was Google their ordinance. I found a "proposed" ordinance (which was supposed to be stricter than the existing). I don't know if it passed. You can see most City codes at www.municode.com.

I don't disagree that the cutting down of trees is a bad thing, Elaine. I just took offense at you accusing the water co., with not a shred of evidence, that they were corrupt.

We all make decisions in life. They made theirs and I assume they felt it was because the trees posed some threat. They said they were going to replant trees in the spring, but that is not good enough for you, I guess.

I didnt say they were corrupt. I said that when actions make no
apparent sense we should look for other motives. To me cutting down
those trees made no sense.
There are other things they could have done that likely would have been
cheaper and better. (Prune the trees, bury the electric lines, install
screens over intakes if thats a concern, those the trees have been
there for years.) So why do it? Kickbacks? Stupid? Hate trees? I dunno.

Did you ever even see those trees? I saw them every time I left my
residence. Now theyre gone. The evergreen trees they had planted last
year or the year before around other parts of the site are small,
boring, and some of them are dead.
The trees that were cut down were all grand trees, including huge
irreplaceable trees that flower every spring. They provided shade for
the property. Now theyre gone. Just a little bit of beauty wiped out.
And for what reason?

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