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March 08, 2010


Of all the places to picket why would they pick that place as opposed to say "Big Joe's steak house"? One World offers more vegetarian entrees than any other place I know. Plus, they have free wi-fi ;-)
I don't get it.

I dunno why they picked this location. Maybe they thought they would
be welcomed there.
But the most interesting thing about this is the attempt of the police
to get rid of them. Didnt work.

Diane, we were not protesting One World. That location was chosen for its high volume of four-way traffic, and we usually leaflet on three of the corners one Sat. a month. Also, all animal rights members are involved in supporting the weekly anti war protest on one of the corners. That protest has been going on at that corner for nine years.

We leaflet to bring awareness to the horrific conditions of animals in the meat, dairy, and egg industries and to promote kinder food choices. We do picket on occasion: rodeos, circuses, fur stores, etc.

We actually are grateful to One World for their compassionate food selections, and we often patronize the cafe.

We probably should do more to make sure the public does not assume we are demonstrating against the restaurant. As a matter of fact, we prefer to promote it.

The worse violation in this situation is the behavior of the police. They don't have enough knowledge of the local ordinance governing protests. They insist on employing intimidation tactics. We have educated ourselves about this issue and we carry a copy of the ordinance with us, we do not bow to the intimidation.

Peoria Area Voices For Animals

Doris, if the location chosen is random, next time choose to picket in front of your home. Just saying.

Diane, it appears you have a reading comprehension deficit.

Actually, I feel your comment is indicative of broader issues on your part, so I will not get into a diatribe of words with you, because I can see you are geared up to be silly about it.

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