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March 22, 2010


Indeed, this bill is regressive and in many ways the worst of all possible worlds. Private, for profit "Health Insurance" is the heart of the problem, the reason, as Kucinich puts it, that the US has "Health Insurance" that is not Health Insurance. That does not mean that all private, for profit insurance is exploitive, but there is no analogy at all between for profit Health Insurance and automobile insurance, for example. This is obvious when analyzed in depth. One urges everyone to go to Kucinich's site and read what he has to say on the subject.

"NEW YORK – Health stocks lifted the market Monday following House approval of the bill that would extend insurance to millions. The Dow Jones industrial average rose about 45 points in afternoon trading. Broader indexes also climbed...."


As Kucinich has said, the private for profit Health Insurers are the only ones benefiting form this botch.

And apparently the Democrats think they can market this as "Progressive" because the Republicans opposed it?

As I said last year, the whole event was scripted by the private insurers who bought off both sides exactly to produce this piece of theater. The Democrat Party is, with a few exceptions, by and large utterly disgusting. But they are also utterly stupid, though not as stupid as the docile American population that is literally drowning in this crap and just keeps asking for more. P.T. Barnum is truly the real archetype of the American "hero."

"Without insurance coverage of abortion, providers likely may be forced out of business, making safe, legal abortion impossible to obtain."

Meaning many children will get to live, just like you have been allowed to.

"It also protects the right of 'conscience' of health care providers -- a vague situation that might mean your provider won't even provide birth control, or who knows what else. That could be problematic if you live in a town dominated by religious fanatics, anti-choice Catholics, whatever, and can't find another provider."

Why put “conscience” in quotes? And why are people who are pro-life “religious fanatics”?

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