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July 26, 2010


This is great (albeit depressing) stuff. I've heard complaints about over-reliance on standardized test scores; but when you have the disparity between work ethic and GPA that Ms. Crews discovered, what other choices do you leave for higher education institutions when granting or denying admission?

Where does all the great research of Sharon, Terry, Hedy, go? I know they've each, at various times, distributed documents such as what Sharon gave to each member this week about the discrepancy @ Manual between the "outstanding" grades and the high absenteeism among the graduates. If the Board had to do the work to locate the info in these documents, it would be a full-time job and no one would do it. Yet, I've not heard any follow-up - ever! If the Board is at all serious about "student achievement" and "raising the standards", why are the members not reacting to Sharon's data about Manual with passion?? Were I on the Board, I'd feel outrage and a tremendous desire to find out what the h____ is going on! Unless, of course, Sharon has "uncovered" the secret "game-plan", whereupon no one would say anything and with the Board meetings not televised live, maybe the proverbial cat won't get out of the bag! Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

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