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December 12, 2011


This has been part of the problem for years Sharon. The way these kids throw,kick,write in/on,tear, and lose books is horrible. Just because they are free to use doesnt mean they should beat em up! Someone has to pay for them. Start with the simple things 150 and the rest will come easy.

Nothing will change in District 150 until the school board changes. Time and time again, the school board has made riduculous decisions, including the hiring of superintendants that are only in the position for themselves, not the schools, not the teachers, and certainly not the students. Until the school board consists of people that understand what education and teaching really means in Peoria, nothing will improve.

Since August, I have submitted at least three FOIA requests, asking for expenditures involving all textbooks and instructional materials purchased for this school year. I can't get the District to "admit" to any purchases if I don't state specific info about the textbooks purchased. I just picked up the response to my last FOIA request--again asking for "all." However, I received no information about the new McGraw Hill books that I found out about only when I visited Whittier on Grandparents' Day. Also, someone just told me that the District purchased a program called the Pinpoint Program (and thought it cost $100,000). I found programs by that name online--one produced by Houghton Mifflin and one by McGraw Hill. I guess I will be writing yet another FOIA. Of course, in response to my comments at the BOE meeting Monday night, Dr. Lathan stated that the textbook issue is over and then she made some comments about negativity. However, I will be writing yet another FOIA.

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