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March 08, 2012


Just wondering if you're aware of all misogynist things said by Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and others against conservative women. Calling them twats, cunts and sluts...

Were you outraged then??

Those were women in politics or public life and NO I dont like it. I even stopped watching Olbermann, Matthews and others during the 08 campaign because of their treatment of Hillary Clinton.
But -- Susan F is a private citizen, not in politics or the media, and that makes Rush worse than the others.

No, Susan is a 30 year old self-described activist. Stop parsing. You can't have it both ways.

Elaine - You really think it is OK to call a woman in public service a cunt? Disrespect is disrespect. Stop splitting hairs. It's very unbecoming for a woman who is all about fairness and equality. And in regards to the "free" liberal radio program you suggest they substitute for Rush, why do you suppose its free? Don't think for a moment they wouldn't sell it for a quarter if they could get it.

Wow -- how fascinating that the right wing defends this vile talk! Women take note: these are your enemies.
I don't defend this by anyone, but Rush deserves whatever happens to him for many, many reasons, especially the latest slime.

I'm not defending any of it. I'm pointing out your duplicity.

How did I defend vile talk? On the contrary I condemned ALL vile talk - something which apparently you are not willing to do! What a perfect example of a Lib hearing only what she wants to hear.

Hey folks -- notice the personal attacks? I'm duplicitious, somehow.
Go away, Rush lovers. Enjoy his errors, his vile talk, and know that you are on the downside of history.

Duplicity again, Elaine. You engage in personal attacks but then decry them. Embarrassing.

Elaine - it is clear you are only having a conversation with yourself. I'll go now and find a wall to talk to.

How fascinating. When did I become the issue instead of Rush?
However I can see your mind is made up and talking to your side is talking to a wall.
People don't listen until they are ready to hear.
I am on the side of women's rights and freedom. You apparently are not, and attack those who are, and defend those who seek to subjugate women.
You wont change your minds until you have significant life experiences, if then.
Until then, stop the personal attacks and focus on the issues using logic and science, not emotion to lead you.

1) You have to step back, look at bigger issue. Rush would have slammed this lady no matter what subject, because he actually didn't see or hear her whole testimony. (he does have hearing problems, btw).

2)Ms. Fluke spoke on the need for INSURANCE companies (not taxpayers) to cover contraceptive medication for those women who need it because of medical problems (too much menstrual flow is one, I know a female who has that problem). Ms. Fluke was speaking on behalf of a friend who needed it to prevent ovarian cysts, if I recall correctly. But the Big Rush always takes audio clips, spins them his own way ("what he/she/they are really saying is....). Yes, I know the Left takes Right comments out of context too.

3)As far as Maher, and Schulze..you have to pay a subscription to HBO to see Maher's show...and you have to subscribe to dish or cable to see Ed Schulze. Limbaugh can be heard on any radio 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. When Schulze made those damning comments, I read where he apologized on-air, took himself off the air for a week without pay. Think the Big Rush would go a week without pay?

You're trying rationalize your duplicity while at the same time not really hearing what we're saying. Is that cognitive dissonance?

My duplicity? Since when I am the issue here?
Why are you changing the subject from Rush's words and tactics?
I guess because they can't be defended.
To attack the messenger is the tactic of a bully.

By posting you made it about you. DON'T YOU GET IT ELAINE???

By commenting, you make it about YOU, Vonster. But I am too polite to say what I really think about you, aside from 'get a life.'

Cognitive dissonance, Elaine. Sad.

No, V.
Actually you are just recycling GOP talking points channeled through Rush. I dunno what that's called, but I'll try to think of something.

No, Elaine. You're justrecycling your anti- Rush talking points. We're not defending Rush, just pointing out your duplicity.

I dont recycle anyone's talking points, I use my own. Your points, though sound just like what I hear and read elsewhere.
If you agreed with me you wouldn't be commenting.

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