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November 05, 2012


In a way, I'd even be somewhat happy if Barry won but lost both houses.

I'm solidly in the 99% and I'm down for Romney - not because he's my ideal candidate but because he more closely represents my view than Mr. Soetoro and I cannot see us surviving under 4 more years of crypto-socialism.

Furthermore, the 1% could not elect a president. A whole buttload of "99%" people would have to vote for Romeny for him to be elected. That just might shit-can your whole 99% argument, eh?

Grow up.

If the Salt Lake City Tribune can't endorse Romney how can any newspaper? I mean don't they know him better than any other newspaper.

How amusing that you can't resist personal attacks, as in 'grow up.'
I'm surely older than you. And I am right about Obama. Romney will be a disaster if elected, and likely affect you adversely, not me. I worry about my children and grandchildren in a USA that turns into Latin America.

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