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March 17, 2015


Remember when he ran against Ricca Sloan and on voting day his volunteers went to house after house leaving pamphlets on doors regarding strict voter ID laws. I wish someone would come up with that pamphlet now. From the get go he was scum.

It was a postcard warning minority voters they could be arrested if they voted and had outstanding warrants. I saw it, and there's a blow up photo of it that will be presented at an Aug. 6 celebration of the Voting Rights Act.

I agree about Darin. He goes to the Middke East and taxpayers have to bail him out. Another conservative loser.

Jim Montelongo is not an At-large candidate and is not up for re-election this cycle. Also, if you think Darin lacks charm and brains, you most likely never met him. And finally, please consider casting a vote for Beth Akeson - a responsible voice for Peoria neighborhoods.

I never met Aaron Schock snd I was right about him.

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