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July 13, 2016


" Let's be real! " Agreed that it's an ' eyesore ' . But, tracking down absentee landlords and holding them accountable for addressing such ' eyesores ' is a lengthy legal process that often involves numerous court proceedings that our deficit-ridden city isn't in a position to resolve. If the private sector isn't interested in preserving an old building in a blighted neighborhood, that's not the city's fault. So, there's only so much that city administration can do. The public doesn't realize how many of these old, abandoned, school buildings exist in town in similar shape? Even if they're saved? Without significant urban renewal and gentrification, who's going to preserve and pay for their constant operation in crime-ridden and impoverished neighborhoods steadily losing population? Eminent domain was ruled unconstitutional.

Just because nothing's happening upon the surface doesn't mean that something isn't happening behind the scenes. It just takes time. Besides, it's not as if that's the only part of South Peoria plagued with blight.

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