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February 09, 2017


Unfortunately, the question about education did not come up, the incumbent said this as his intro. This forum was staged, I have always been tough on Ardis, and his lack of strategic vision which has caused a blight of crime, and high taxes and a bad reputation! Plus I have been endorsed by the SteelWorkers Union. Ardis said he had all the unions. Either way, I'm ready and able to lead this city out of recession.

Hello, and thank you for even mentioning my candidacy and responses in the Township Supervisor forum.

However, there are a couple of things that need clarification. You said this: He has 38 things he wants to fix listed on his website,

What you are alluding to is my New VISION 5/90 Plan. The only one like it by any candidate in the race for this position. New VISION 5/90 outlines 5 areas of engagement that I will begin or do within the first 90 days of being seated in office. These things are not necessarily things that need to be "fixed" rather than things that need to be done by this office.

Example, the current office does not participate with like organizations in coordination of efforts on the scale that I have outlined. That cannot be "fixed"...that simply needs to be done. Many of the things in the New VISION 5/90 Plan have NEVER been done by this office.

So when I talk New VISION...it is certainly New and it is inclusive of all facets of the community, which is the shortfall of governmental leadership in Peoria as a whole, which has consequently led to something a little short of isolationism in the Township Supervisor's office.

For example, when has the Township Office reached out to community groups such as Neighborhood Associations, church and community groups and others seeking to inform and direct individuals involved within these groups on processes of this office and how to receive help in general?

The sort of engagement that I suggest cannot be "fixed", because it does not exist. What I am talking about is breaking new ground doing something that is new to this office and that has not been done before. Many of the 38 points I list are in that vein of idealism.

So my listing is not just one of "nit-picking" to find things that are broken. Although you don't say that, you imply that in your article.

You also said: "he said. But he also wants to link up with churches, a problematic church-state item, perhaps."

Thank you for leaving that one with a "perhaps". What you did not say is that New VISION 5/90 also outlines that I would partner (or as you say "link") the office with the business community, other Central Illinois helps agencies, and other community groups to spread and increase our influence and visibility within the community.

The "church" and "church groups" are not outlined or given any greater or preferential treatment or attention under my plan than any other group. To include other groups and overlook the church, which is and has historically been on the front end of community need, is a vast mistake that will not be made under my leadership in the Township Supervisor's office.

So if there is a problem with bringing churches to the table and partnering with them to network and address need, there would also be a problem with involving other community groups and the business community as well and I do not see a problem with either.

The only thing I found lacking in some of the forums, was that individuals, such as yourself, left without a fully developed understanding of what was being presented. As for my part, maybe it was my failure to communicate and delineate the difference or the message succinctly.

However, I think these differences are vital to the understanding of the public and community as they evaluate candidacy and the direction that Peoria will go.

Under my leadership, the difference is clear. The Township Supervisor's Office will not be the same agency that it has become today. I offer no criticism of the current leader, however times have changed and we need renewal at local governmental offices. Under my leadership this office will be transformed to approach the modern issues that we all face as a community with modern idealism and vision.

We could take lessons from the illustrious Zach O Monroe, who worked, bless his heart, for less than $30,000 annually.

When I was in need of services from this office, he greeted me with respect and kindness and at no time made me feel inferior. Once again, this is not a slight against Mr. Whalen, as I do not know him, however, a renewal of values with a modern vision and very little encumbrances of Peoria's political past is exactly what we need at this time and why I am in the race.

I would encourage all who would like to know to read New VISION 5/90 on my website and please ask me ANY questions so that I may address them.

The plan can be see HERE: http://www.electburnett.com/new-vision-plan

Thank you for this time and space to respond.

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