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August 14, 2017


I hope this opens the door to better communication with the public the board serves. General and I knew they wouldn't allow us to speak because we are representative of the rights they have denied the public for years. Perhaps the fact that I am dying from cancer of the stomach and stated so for all of Peoria to hear and know that my time is limited made them think of the how insane theirrules are. Perhaps they simply wanted to grant a dying woman's one of her last wishedand stop the pettiness to shut General, the public and myself out. Maybe being activists and not caring what they think of us was a factor in their decision. Perhaps the factors that we are both strong, different sexes was taken into reconsideration. Perhaps my truth that I am dying and their control and pettiness were factors. I don't know,nor do I care. We barreled through their technique to deny us freedom of speech; they FINALLY got it! It took the truth, putting my life on the line and the help of the General to break their wall down.And I think that they found after that wall crumbled before all that the time had come to get real. I am thankful to have been a part of this long, drawn out process. Good for the BOE and good for General for FINALLY forcing breaking though the communication deadlock. We shall continue to attend the meetings, address the board and foster a better relationship for as long as I have my life. When that time comes, look to General for leadership and guidance. Know that Iwill be there looking down on each and everyone of you with a smile on my face and shaking my head up and down as to say, "This is the way it should have always been!" Good night, but not goodbye for we shall return and our numbers shall increase

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